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Non-Profit Research Foundation "The Schedrovitsky Institute for Development" was founded on February, 2005. Its main goal is to encourage and finance fundamental investigations in philosophy and methodology, conducted in the tradition of the Moscow Methodological Circle.

For 40 years  the circle developed its interest from the methodology of the natural sciences to the wider range of questions and problems concerning the methodology of the human sciences, general epistemology, sociology, psychology, education, steering, system analysis, design, town-planning, cinematography and others.

The Foundation’s objectives are:

  • to devise innovative approaches to the analysis and programming of social and cultural processes;
  • to stimulate complex research programmes of sustainable developement;
  • to train a new generation of researchers in philosophy and methodology.

To provide this activity, the Foundation is developing the following infrastructure for researchers:

  • the archive -with more than 4000 folders of documents, papers and manuscripts of Schedrovitsky and other members of the Moscow Methodological Circle
  • the publication department
  • the  translation department

Annually the Foundation organizes the Conference in memory of G. Schedrovitsky.

The Foundation is financed by donations of both citizens and organisations.

Activities of the G. P. Shchedrovitsky Foundation

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