Activities of the G. P. Shchedrovitsky Foundation

1. G. P. Shchedrovitskys Archive

  • Providing storage and safety of the Archive (including collecting of sources)
  • Cataloguing of sources
  • Providing reference services to Archive users

2. Information Centre of G. P. Shchedrovitsky Institute of Development

  • Setting up the MMC electronic library
  • Digitising MMC audio and video sources 
  • Starting periodicals including journals
  • Maintaining the Foundation's Web site

3. Publications

  • Determining the Foundations publishing policy
  • Selecting and getting ready for publication texts by G. P. Shchedrovitsky and other MMC members
  • Arranging commercial and non-commercial circulation of the published items

4. Translation into Foreign Languages

  • Analysing the world trends in philosophical and humanitarian studies
  • Compiling a methodological thesaurus for foreign languages
  • Translations of texts into foreign languages (English and Spanish being a priority)

5. Grant Competitions

  • Developing a thematic programme for grant competitions
  • Providing expert support for the competition
  • Publishing competition papers

6. Interdisciplinary and Interprofessional Communication on Topical Issues of Philosophy, Epistemology and Humanitarian Cognition

  • Conducting methodological seminars
  • Holding panel discussions and conferences

7. G. P. Shchedrovitsky Annual Memorial Conferences

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