As initially designed, the electronic library of the site was to serve as an introduction to the main ideas and activities of the Moscow Methodological Circle (MMC). But until recently it featured rather a presentational than an ‘academic’ one. To restore and implement the initial design, the reconstruction of this section of the site has been started that will be completed in several stages.

At the first stage nearly all lifetime publications by G. P. Shchedrovitsky will be made accessible. Most of them were republished in his Selected Works (1995). Though nowadays this volume became a bibliographical rarity. Other lifetime publications of G. P. Shchedrovitsky released by various  journals and collections of papers of limited circulation have been available up to this time only through major libraries.

To better represent the controversial and problem nature of the issues developed by the MMC and to reveal the genuinely team spirit of its activity, a decision was taken to publish texts by other MMC members as well. This will comprise the second stage in the library development. This section will, first of all, include texts from collections of papers where more than one MMC member presented the results of a certain period of the Circle’s activity. In a sense, the papers gathered in each of those collections characterise a particular stage of the MMC intellectual history from various viewpoints. The list of the collections is as follows:

  1. Dialectical Materialism and Modern Positivism (Moscow, 1961. In Russian) (Диалектический материализм и современный позитивизм.—М., 1961).
  2. Problems of Research in Systems and Structures. Papers for Conference (Moscow, 1965. In Russian) (Проблемы исследования систем и структур. Материалы к конференции.—М., 1965).
  3. Pedagogy and Psychology of Preschool Children Play (Moscow, 1966. In Russian) (Педагогика и психология игры дошкольника.—М., 1966).
  4. Education and Development. Papers for Symposium (Moscow, 1966. In Russian) (Обучение и развитие. Материалы к симпозиуму.—М., 1966).
  5. Development of Cognitive and Conative Processes in Preschool Children (Moscow, 1965. In Russian) (Развитие познавательных и волевых процессов у дошкольников.—М., 1965).
  6. Problems of Research in the Structure of Science. Papers for  Symposium (Novosibirsk, 1967. In Russian) (Проблемы исследования структуры науки (материалы к симпозиуму).—Новосибирск, 1967).
  7. Semiotics and Oriental Languages (Moscow, 1967. In Russian) (Семиотика и восточные языки.—М., 1967).
  8. Theoretical and Methodological Research in Design [1965-1967] (Moscow, 1990. In Russian) (Теоретические и методологические исследования в дизайне.—М.: 1990).
  9. Pedagogy and Logic [1968] (Moscow, 1993. In Russian) (Педагогика и логика.—М., 1993).
  10. Development and Implementation of Automated Systems in Design [Theory and Methodology] (Moscow, 1975. In Russian) (Разработка и внедрение автоматизированных систем в проектировании (теория и методология).—М., 1975).
  11. Toward the Theory of Scientific Knowledge (Moscow, 1984. In Russian) (На пути к теории научного знания.—М., 1984).

It was also deemed reasonable to publish texts by members of the Moscow Logical Circle as well as texts by their principal opponents as the discussions served to forge the methodological project of G. P. Shchedrovitsky and the MMC.

Great importance is ascribed to texts attempting to understand the  course of development of the Moscow Methodological Circle and to place the MMC in a broader intellectual context of the 20th century. Although these works first of all reconstruct certain lines of the MMC’s history, these texts still belong to the genre of prospective reflexion meaning to draw conclusions from the Circle’s history as valuable for further development of methodology.

The library also introduces the results of the Foundation’s activities as well as some activities the School for the Cultural Policy had led before the Foundation was established, namely the G. P. Shchedrovitsky Memorial Conferences and seminars held in preparation and discussion of the Conferences results.

Another section of the library informs the reader about the projects fulfilled within the framework of the Grant Competitions of the previous years.

And, finally, a cumulative catalogue of network resources will provide links to the texts by members of methodological community  and methodological groups already available from different Internet sites.

All site visitors and the authors are kindly requested to make a contribution to the electronic library of the G. P. Shchedrovitsky Foundation by sending texts they would like to share. All comments regarding the structure and content of the library will be gratefully accepted.

Texts are published by the library strictly with permission granted by the authors or their legal heirs.

The Foundation is grateful to all who have already made and continue to make contributions to the electronic library of the G. P. Shchedrovitsky Foundation

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