Russian Philosophy of the XX century

Joint project of   The Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, The “Georgy Shchedrovitsky Institute for Development” Foundation and The “Russian Political Encyclopedia” publishing house (РОССПЭН)

"Russian Philosophy of the XX century"

2006: the Georgy Shchedrovitsky Institute for Development, the RAS Institute of Philosophy and the “Russian Political Encyclopedia” publishing house started a joint research and publication project regarding Russian philosophy with an intention to analyze ideas and achievements of Russian philosophy in relation to modern problems of science and philosophy. The project was opened by the book series “Russian Philosophy of the second half of the XX century”.

2010: the publishing of the first part of the series (“Persons: life and ideas”, 21 volumes) was completed. 

2011: the analysis logic made the project founders expand the boundaries of consideration: it is already the “Russian Philosophy of the first half of the XX century” series that is now in process.

"Russian Philosophy of the first half of the XX century" series has  the purposes: 

to provide detection of inner connections of Russian philosophy with integrity of Russian intellectual culture and to re-actualize Russian philosophy nowadays;

to represent  the persity of different points of view and approaches to research of Russian philosophy of the first half of the XX century;

to show significance  of the ideas of Russian philosophers of that period for solving modern philosophical problems.

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