G. P. Shchedrovitskys Archive

By preliminary estimates, G. P. Shchedrovitskys personal archive contains more than 4,000 storage items. It is comprised of manuscripts of papers and monographs, all types of drafts including synopses of other authors works, annotations and comments, stenographic recordings of reports, lectures and discussions, and proceedings of Activity Organising Games.

G.P.s personal library is also considerable. It houses books on classical philosophy, psychology, pedagogy, systems approach, management, architecture and urban planning, including books in foreign languages.

It is a fact that both the archive and the library of the thinker are of a great cultural, historical and scientific value.

The Foundation considers it a priority to create a full-fledged and operational archive and library as a Foundations unit.

Presently, the collection of archive photo, video and audio sources is under way. Almost all of those are digitised, and some of them already made public. Legal provisions to transfer G. P. Shchedrovitskys personal archive and library from his heirs to the Foundation are being made. The electronic inventory of a greater part of the archive (3,712 storage items) made up by G. A. Davydova and R. R. Maksudov in mid-1990s is restored and made accessible from the Foundation Web site (link).

In the immediate future, the Foundation plans to set up a centralised collection and reproduction of numerous audio recordings currently in possession of individual owners.

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